The benefits of a part-time CFO for small businesses

As the owner of a small business, you will understand that financial success means more than just producing profits. Robust financial management is essential for the growth and longevity of your company. If managing finances isn’t in your area of expertise and hiring a full time CFO or Finance Director is not within reach, you may need to consider hiring a portfolio CFO to help you achieve your financial objectives. Our fractional team of CFOs can provide guidance on how best to use
resources throughout your organisation.

At The CFO Centre, our team of portfolio CFOs play a crucial role in helping small businesses across the nation reach their goals. Our model gives business owners:

  • Access to the very best strategic CFO skills and experience
  • Significantly lower fees than a full-time Financial Director
  • Independent assessment of viability
  • Maximise the growth of your business through relevant actions

With an external point of view on budgeting, financial best practices, performance metrics, compliance implementation, strategy development and oversight; they offer invaluable resource beneficial to any size organisation.

Read this blog post and learn more about why having access to a dedicated CFO is the right move to take your small business to the next level.

Accelerate Growth with a Fractional CFO

With experienced financial leadership a business’ potential for growth should never be underestimated. It is important to create positive, achievable goals and strive to reach them even when times are hard. Continuing your journey of success with the addition of a portfolio CFO is exciting and our team understand that growth is not only possible but necessary for your business.

Growth can come in many forms; whether it be increases in revenue, acquisitions of new technology or overhauling operation and processes, or developing your team. Whatever the change might bring, entrepreneurs now more than ever understand the value of assessing potential opportunities for development early on. By staying informed and evaluating often, you will have a better chance at achieving long-term. With open channels of communication and an understanding of managing growth, a portfolio CFO could be your most valuable asset for future economic health and progress.

Reviewing the potential for business growth is commonplace amongst entrepreneurs and it is important to consider the positive outcomes of hiring a portfolio CFO when doing so. At The CFO Centre we are confident in our finance directors and their proven ability to scale businesses. You have the power and freedom to hire a fractional CFO who aligns with you and your business needs, wants and visions. Whatever the size of your business – you can have the confidence in our team to help you achieve your growth goals while maintaining your focus on those numbers that really
matter to you.

When you review the functions that a CFO will support in your business (chart taken from Raconteur), there is no doubt that hiring a portfolio CFO is valuable and affordable addition to your team. This person will help streamline and improve the efficiency of your business. Not to mention, working with a portfolio CFO will free up your time for other employees and business goals, allowing them to focus and specialise in their core duties. No matter your size, our knowledgeable teams can help maximise return on investment – an essential component for any business looking to grow.

All things considered, if you are serious about propelling your business forward give our team a try and have the confidence knowing that you have the world’s top 1% of financial directors by your

Hire a superstar part-time CFO

To help you increase cash, profit and valuation and free you up from the burden of day-to-day opperations.