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Since 2001, The CFO Centre has been the #1 provider of high-calibre fractional CFO services for small business & medium-sized businesses with an affordable, permanent, part-time CFO model at a fraction of the cost of hiring a Chief Financial Officer with less experience, full-time.

Small business support:  Without paying recruitment fees,  With no fixed retainer or costly cancellation fees,  Flexible Time: scale time up or down depending on your needs,  In-person at your office or remote virtual CFOs.

"A huge weight lifted from my shoulders..."

Laurence Carels,
Founder CDM Stravitec

“The first few weeks with our part-time CFO were a breath of fresh air for myself. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Our CFO’s international experience in our sector immediately gave the entire management a lot of peace of mind. He was operational from day 2 and very quickly part of the team.

I am immensely grateful to him for all he has accomplished in a short period of time."

Meet our fractional CFOs

In order to consistently deliver the numbers that really matter to business owners The CFO Centre sets a rigorous, high-standard selection and hiring process. Out of the 100 CFOs who apply only 3 are invited to join our team of fractional Chief Financial Officers.
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"Jim helped me grow the business, prepare for exit and sell. Now I can retire and enjoy the money!" Julie Cook - Acacia Learning

Change your business, change your life: client stories

Improve Financial

"Our fractional CFO has benefited us as a business in every facet. "

Tony Williams, Owner
Williams Designer Homes

Small Business

“As a smaller business we could not afford a full-time CFO but needed this skill set inside our business to grow. "

Andrew McLaren-Taylor
Managing Director, Bathroom Butler

CFO's Secure
Bank Funding

Banks often decline funding. Engaging a fractional CFO will dramatically increase your odds of securing bank funding,

Francis Leung, Owner
Ijen Enterprise Ltd.

Exit Your Business
with a CFO

"Increased focus on CFO-driven initiatives, ultimately resulting in a successful strategic exit/sale of the business.

Vince Costanza, Owner
Genesis Connected Solutions

Business Experience

"Our CFO’s international business experience in our global sector immediately gave the entire management a lot of peace of mind."

Laurence Carels, Founder
CDM Stravitec

Increase Cash-Flow
Reduced stress and strain

"Our part-time CFO has hugely reduced the stress and strain in the business. He tightened up our controls so that we have a more robust finance function.”

Alistair Murray, Owner
Relocation Support Services

Recovering From
Challenges & Setbacks

“Our fractional CFO helped us to identify our shortcomings and worked with us to implement changes to deliver robust processes allowing us to recover from challenging times."

Peter Jackson, Owner

Exits, Succession Planning
Mergers & Acquisitions

“I wasn't sure how to prepare the business for sale, and ensure it was in the best possible shape for potential buyers."

Julie Cook, owner (retired),
Acacia Learning

Helping owners
get their life back

"Mitch, our part-time CFO, plays a major role in the business running the company finances, but in reality, his role is much more all-encompassing. "

Jonathan Quinn, Owner
Geckota Watches

Hire a CFO - How It Works

If you’re ready to hire a factional CFO services firm to professionalize your finance department and grow your small or medium-sized business, The CFO Centre will make sure you’re working with the right Chief Financial Officer that’s the best fit for you from our growing team of 80+ high-calibre, part time CFOs across Canada.

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