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"Happiness is positive cash flow"

Our superstar FDs & CFOs can work part-time – remotely or at your premises – to help you increase cash, profit, and valuation, freeing you from the burden of day-to-day operations.

Cash flow is just one of the 12 building blocks of a world class finance function.

We’ll help you increase your cash flow and stay in full control. Here are eight pointers for starters:
  1. Connecting the dots

    Start by appreciating that poor cash flow is a symptom of poor operational controls. You need to look at the whole system, rather than a single moving part.
  2. Collecting cash

    Speed up cash collection by automating payments and improving cash collection protocols.
  3. Changing payment terms

    Review your payment terms – are they too generous?
  4. Increasing revenue

    Explore different options for increasing revenue without draining your cash reserves. Reactivate lost or dormant customers, or increase spend from existing customers for example.
  5. Avoiding overtrading

    Rapid growth may drive revenue but it can also drain your cash reserves.
  6. Monitoring stock

    Monitor your stock carefully to optimise your stockholding.
  7. Reducing bad debts

    A few bad debts or non-payers can quickly dent your cash supply. Chase them up.
  8. Reviewing funding options

    We’ll help you review different ways you can fund your working capital to increase your cash and facilitate access to financing.

It’s not just about cash flow…

To scale fast, increase valuation and escape the routine of day-to-day operations you need to consider each of the 12 building blocks of a world class finance function. These include:

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