Tanja Willis In 60 Seconds

Experienced FD/CFO who enjoys working with entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in a way that allows them to achieve their ambitions. My open and approachable management style gives me the ability to communicate at all levels and I am accustomed to working in fast paced, innovative environments taking a pragmatic approach and applying common sense solutions to enhance financial performance.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Thinker

Execute financial business strategy to drive sustainable profitable growth plans

Business Planning

Implemented business plans, budgets and forecasts to support funding and growth

Financial Operations

Improved reporting to deliver on financial targets to increase cash and profits

M&A Specialist

Led several acquisitions through to completion to grow businesses

Exit Planning

Helped several business owners successfully sell their businesses

Track Record Highlights

  • Serve as NED and FD for a number of businesses and work alongside non-financial executive teams in order for them to understand the financial impact of decisions in real time
  • Coach and develop finance teams to ensure that finance is a value add function to the business
  • Introduced reporting frameworks and processes to improve management information in order to monitor performance which significantly increased working capital and profit
  • Prepared businesses for sale and led the sale of businesses to a variety of buyers including Trade, Private Equity and Employee Ownership Trust
  • Actively involved in due diligence and fundraisings for acquisitions and led post-acquisition integration
  • MBA from Lancaster University

Sector Experience

  • engineering
  • construction
  • mining-resources-energy Renewable Energy
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics
  • sport-recreation

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