Burgert Blom In 60 Seconds

As an experienced FD / CFO, I have an entrepreneurial flair and an in-depth understanding of both mid and large sized companies. I thoroughly enjoy networking which unlocks value for my clients.  During my 20 year career in both business and professional consulting environments, I feel passionate about sharing what I have learned along the way.

Specialist Skills

Management / Executive Reports / Presentations

Budgeting & Forecasting

Cash Flow Improvement

Track Record Highlights

  • Restructuring and successful delisting of a manufacturing concern post the collapse of the property market in South Africa during 2009 to 2011
  • Successful fund raising exercises for clients
  • Successfully managed complex banking relationships
  • Co-founder and shareholder in 2 construction and project management companies focusing on the fiber market in South Africa

Sector Experience

  • Manufacturing
  •  Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Banking / Financial Services

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