“I can now impact change so much faster than when I was working in a corporate environment.”

Steve Johnson, portfolio FD at The FD Centre in the Northern Home Counties
(part of The CFO Centre Group)

Steve Johnson was an FD in the automotive and recruitment industries but always had the urge to be more entrepreneurial. He’d had enough of working for a corporate as he felt it was all he was thinking about 24/7.

“I was brought up around people who ran their own businesses so I thrive in that space. I’ve always had the drive and passion to do something for myself.”

But waving goodbye to the full-time FD role felt like a massive step. He was in a well-paid role with a team of over 300 people and all the additional benefits of being a board member.

When Steve made the move in 2012 he was delighted with the lifestyle changes it enabled him to make.

“Working as I do, I am mentoring, coaching, listening and learning on a daily basis. My clients are smart and savvy so I learn too, and together we influence real change and support genuine business growth.”

And the moral of the story? If you don’t plan towards the big goals in life, they’ll pass you by. And Steve certainly has the variety, balance, and entrepreneurship he craved.

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