Free Emergency Scenario Planning Consultations

In the light of events over the past weeks, we are very conscious of the heightened levels of concern facing businesses at the moment. The CFO Centre is also an SME and it’s very much a time where we are all in this together.

The purpose in writing was to let you know that we are here to help and have set aside some time to talk to companies in need of urgent advice, on a pro bono basis. We are very well positioned to help and would like to give something back.

As it stands today, the greatest concern for SMEs is cash/liquidity. As Chief Financial Officers, navigating these issues is what we do. Admittedly this is a particularly unusual situation, but there are measures you can take to put yourself into the strongest possible position for the weeks and months ahead – and fast action will of course pay dividends.

Even if it’s just to have a 3rd party perspective and potentially put forward some options you may not have known were available, we’d love to help if we can.

If you know someone who would value a conversation to review their current situation and look at their options to increase liquidity and mitigate risk, please contact us on 1-800-918-1906 or at [email protected] so that we can set up a video conference call to review with one of our virtual CFOs.

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To help you increase cash, profit and valuation and free you up from the burden of day-to-day opperations.