Martin Cooper In 60 Seconds

Twenty years CFO experience with numerous companies from private pre revenue start-up’s through to listed company with $1 billion market capitalisation and everything in between. All done across a range of industries including Venture Capital, Technology and Oil & Gas. But always with high growth companies transitioning to their next step.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Thinker

Spent the last 20 year working with CEO / founders to develop their dream


Developed numerous finance teams to align with company growth

Raising Funds

Raised both equity and debt and spent 6 years in venture capital

Business Planning

Prepared countless budget & forecasts to give CEO/founder visibility of future

Policies & Procedures

Developed polices and procedures to align with company growth

Track Record Highlights

  • Experience of one year as CEO
  • Fund raising of both equity and debt
  • M&A - both sale and purchase of businesses
  • Development of process and systems to balance control and growth and appropriate delegation
  • Preparation of countless profit and cash forecasts to give senior management visibility of the future
  • Development of finance departments to align with company growth including implementation of new systems (SAP, Sun6)
  • Development of start-up bookkeeping and accounting company

Sector Experience

  • Banking & Financial Services Venture Capital
  • Healthcare
  • Mining, Resources & Energy
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Solar Panel manufacture
  • Agriculture & Farming Palm Oil
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics Transhipment
  • Banking & Financial Services Bookkeeping and accounting company

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