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We help you achieve the numbers that really matter to you

Discover The Numbers That Really Matter

The CFO Centre has been adding value to the lives of our clients since 2001 and now we have an even bolder ambition. We focus on the Numbers that Really Matter and the number that really matters to us is one million – because our passion and drive is to improve the lives of 1 million people.

Isn’t profit the number that matters?

Over many years of working with clients, people have asked us to improve their cashflow, facilitate their banking relationships or increase their productivity. Our CFOs and FDs can do all these things but usually these aren’t the numbers that matter most to the people in the business.

Even if you haven’t defined it yet, the chances are that you probably have a number that really matters. Our CFOs look beyond your business to understand your “why” because this is where the magic happens. We find that very few people want to scale up their business for its own sake. They usually have a bigger goal in mind; a personal ambition or achievement that they are chasing. We’ll work with you to ensure you build your dreams around the number that really matters to you.

What’s your Number that Really Matters?

We find almost everyone has a number that really matters to them. It might be the number of times you want to eat dinner with your family or the number of hours you want to spend on a leisure activity each week. Perhaps you have a target date in mind for your business exit or a plan for the number of holidays you would like to take each year. Whatever your number that really matters, we are here to help you convert your dream into actionable plan. This is what The CFO Centre does for the people we work with. Will you be one of them?

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See how a part-time CFO helps them live the life they want

The CFO Centre helps Entrepreneurs Achieve their Dreams

Clients tell us our CFOs make a big difference to their lives. We build their desires into our strategies and this creates stunningly successful businesses.

If you have had enough of slogging through each day with no one to talk to and no end in sight, your Numbers That Really Matter might sound like a crazy dream. But, imagine what you can achieve with a team behind you and an experienced CFO who will listen, take time to understand and “have your back”.

We dare to dream your dreams!

Most clients tell us they want more time to focus on the things they are best at – the things that inspired them to start their business. We will help you generate this time, so you can feel more inspired and stimulate creativity and growth. Together we can crack this nut so you can achieve your numbers that really matter.

Julie and Colin Mills, founder of The CFO Centre celebrating the company's 21st birthday

Have More Fun, Get Better Results

We find that entrepreneurs who can enjoy their businesses more typically increase business value, and generate cash in their businesses. This is a key driver in our way of working in our own business and in your business.

Imagine how The CFO Centre can change your business. Will you use this cash for investment, growth or return?

Naturally, our CFOs and FDs are experts in developing strategies that support your business. You’ll get access to the same tried and tested processes that we have been using to help tens of thousands of clients succeed since 2001. Your CFO will work with you to agree a work plan based on your priorities, and we use our 12 Box Framework to underpin our approach. However, it’s our consistent focus on you, our client, and the Numbers That Really Matter that make us stand out in the marketplace.

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Caroline the CFO with Iain McCallister plus charts showing company growth before and after CFO Centre involvement

What Else Makes us Different?

People at The CFO Centre are open, real and caring

We are proud of our “open style” of doing business. Our thinking is based on an “abundance” mentality as opposed to scarcity thinking. We share knowledge between ourselves and we seek to share knowledge with our clients to improve their businesses. Our language and actions are “real”. Egos are low. We swap fancy words and theories for a building real connection with our clients and each other, we talk your language. We genuinely “care” for our clients and show this in how we talk and behave with them. Ultimately, we are aiming to make a difference to our clients’ businesses and their lives. We care also for our colleagues and give of our knowledge and experience to help each other.

You’ll find us progressive and we focus on “learning” and “growing”

Our “progressive” attitude to everything drives us to look for new ways of doing things and searching for best practice always. We think outside the box as well as inside.

Our passion, energy and fun deliver results for our clients

We love our clients, our work and our colleagues. We go about the work we do with high energy, making it infectious to work with us. We are enthusiastic and positive. This leads us to approach life, clients, distribution partners and our colleagues with a “can-do” attitude. Our glass is half full, not half empty. We don’t moan and, whilst the work we do is serious, we aim to have fun along the way. You’ll connect with a team that really enjoys what we do and we hope you’ll find our approach is infectious.

CFO induction training in the UK office, led by Jamie Mills, UK CEO

We are hugely proud of the culture we have built since Colin Mills pioneered the concept of The FD Centre in 2001. Our over-riding passion is to help entrepreneurs get what they really want – not just the ‘business numbers’ but the ‘numbers that really matter’ to you as an individual. Maybe that’s the number of days you get to spend with your family each year, the number of weeks you get to go on holiday knowing your finances are in safe hands, or the age at which you can enjoy the early retirement that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Tell us what you really want your business to do for you and let’s write the new chapter of your story together…

What do you really want from your business and life?

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