"Jim helped us sell the business which means I can enjoy my retirement with money to spend!"

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Rachel and Julie Cook - Owners of Acacia Learning

Julie & Rachel Cook, Owners

Spotlight: Acacia Learning

Owners: Julie & Rachel Cook

The problem

We are a highly regarded training business selling online business courses, set up in 2007. I (Julie) have been wanting to retire for many years but wasn't sure how to prepare the business for sale and ensure that it was in the best possible shape for potential buyers. We didn't need a full-time resource but wanted to leverage the skills of a high calibre CFO but without the cost associated with taking on someone full-time.
6 women sitting around a table, with laptops open, discussing how to sell the business.

The solution

Jim joined us part-time CFO 4 years before the sale and has a huge amount of experience working with a variety of small to medium sized businesses. He seemed to have previously faced almost every imaginable situation that came our way, good and bad, with an always calm demeanour and was able to act as both guide and mentor. He helped us with the acquisition of another business to help us diversify our product offering and then more recently led us through the exit planning process leading up to the successful sale of the business enabling me (Julie) to retire.
Group photo of people in Acacia Learning when the business had been successfully sold.
The numbers that realy matter 24
Acacia Learning's pop up stand at a conference.

Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Julie & Rachel what is the number that really matters to them?

The number which really matters to me is '24' because now I have sold the business I have 24 hours each day where I get to choose exactly how to spend my time!

A 'thank you' to my FD/CFO

"We'd like to say a big Thank You to our FD/CFO Jim Bellingham who has done everything he can to help us sell the business" Julie & Rachel Cook

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