Hire a CFO to work part-time in your business

Engage our fractional CFOs to bring operational and strategic expertise into your leadership team.

Part-time CFOs & FDs of the CFO Centre

What you and your business get when you hire a high calibre CFO

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Choose a Skilled CFO

Your CFO will become an integral member of your team. Their operational rigour and strategic insights will support, tune, and drive your business. Our CFOs are empathetic and enthusiastic about helping clients to fulfil their ambitions.

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What Type of CFO Will You Hire?

Retaining a CFO from our team guarantees that your CFO is an intuitive all-rounder who can build rapport with you. Alongside excellent operational skills, you will be hiring a strategist, a catalyst and a sounding board.

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Affordable Part-Time Model

If you think hiring a CFO is too expensive, think again. Our service is flexible which makes it ideal for many small-to-medium businesses. You can access the very best premium CFO skills and experience on a part-time basis to gain top quality advice without long-term commitment and without giving up equity. Clients tell us they prefer this to the traditional approach to recruitment.

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One Page Plan

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The Right Hire for Your Journey

At your first meeting, we’ll explore the things that really matter to you. Once we’ve understood your life's ambition, we can match you with the right CFO. This person will be committed to helping you get what you really want from your business - the number that really matters to you.

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12 Boxes

Your newly hired CFO will use our matrix of twelve financial building blocks to structure their work for you and your business. This is our proven platform that enables you to 'own' rather than 'run' your business.

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Our CFOs Solve Any Problem

Our service gives you access to a unique pool of highly talented CFOs across the globe. Hiring us lets you reach more than 750 finance specialists who have faced and overcome just about every conceivable business challenge.

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The CFO Work Plan

The first task for a newly hired CFO is to build a work plan. This proven programme plots out the path that will take you from where you are now to where you really want to be. Then we simply work with you to make it actually happen.

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Can a CFO Help My Business to Scale?

When you hire one of our CFOs, you’re tapping into a team that has helped thousands of businesses scale. We have a proven track record in helping businesses like yours to build a launchpad for rapid growth.

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Hire a Flexible CFO

As your needs change, we can change too. You might need more hours from the CFO you hire, or you might need additional skills. Whatever you are looking for, our team approach means we can put the right resources in your hands just when you need them.

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Maximise Your Exit Value With Strategic Finance Advice

If you want to realise the value you have created in your business, you need to plan for your exit. To get the maximum value possible, you should hire a CFO with expertise in this area. Our CFOs have helped more than 4,000 entrepreneurs exit. Following our proven work plan and the 12 box approach, we have helped entrepreneurs significantly increase the exit value of their business in many cases.

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Improve Access to Funding With a CFO

If your business needs to raise funds, hiring a CFO from The CFO Centre will increase your chances of getting the money you need. Our CFOs have helped raise over $10bn in funding for our clients. We use a combination of expert CFOs and relationships with partner networks to give you access to all types of funding to fast-track your growth plan.

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Hire Global CFO Expertise

Our CFOs work as a team. When you hire one of us, you’ll gain access to a worldwide network of 750+ leading CFOs. Our extensive team covers every sector, specialism, or financial skillset you might need to call on in your business.

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GAP: Global Access Platform – Hire more than just a CFO

You'll find more than a CFO when you work with us. Since 2001, The CFO Centre has been building relationships with thousands of trusted business partners. We have identified and worked with high quality suppliers and distribution channels at home and overseas. This enables us to make introductions and match you with talent, beyond the world of finance. This can help clients execute even the most ambitious projects.

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Hire a CFO from the World's Number One Provider

We are the number one global provider of premium-quality part-time CFOs, trusted by thousands of ambitions businesses around the world. Don't just take our word for it. You can hear what our clients say about the support we've given them on the Success Stories and Client Success pages.

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Rated 'Excellent' by 91% of Clients

We value feedback from clients about the CFOs they hire. We are proud that our service is rated 'excellent' by 91% of our clients. When you hire a part-time CFO from us, you receive exceptional service and a team that is dedicated to helping you get what you really want from your business. We care about you, the entrepreneur, and we’re ambitious about helping you achieve what really matters to you.

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CFOs Wherever You Need Them

Hire a CFO who will work remotely or in your offices. Many clients enjoy the benefits of working in blend of the two but our CFOs will fit the style that suits you best.

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Hire a CFO with No Upfront Recruitment Fees and No Equity Stake

Some businesses charge upfront fees when they place a CFO but we’re different. The CFO Centre has always given clients the opportunity to hire one of our highly experienced CFOs with no recruitment fees, no notice period and without giving up equity. We can start within days.

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Choose Risk-free Hiring with our Service

With no contractual tie-in you are in full control when you hire through The CFO Centre.

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