Ben Schoeman In 60 Seconds

I demonstrate expertise in analysing and interpreting crucial financial data to reach the best business outcomes that directly impact business success. I am a solutions-orientated finance head and facilitator who utilises oversight in corporate governance, risk management, and compliance with applicable legislation and best practice.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Facilitation / Planning

Business Analyst

Cash Flow Improvement

Track Record Highlights

  • Lead an agro processing enterprise with improving its balance sheet and cash flow which resulted in obtaining finance for expansion
  • Assisted a niche agro processing enterprise with the development and implementation of inventory receiving, processing and valuation system
  • Assisted multiple clients on evaluating and improving their inventory valuation and costing frameworks
  • Performed business, processes and product analysis on multiple manufacturing and engineering enterprises to support strategic decision making
  • Analysed, identified and assisted with implementing corrective actions on loss making manufacturing businesses to return them to profitability
  • Facilitated multiple businesses through a process of identifying critical risks and formulated strategies to address these risks

Sector Experience

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering

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