Tom Gentry – Fractional CFO and Regional Director In 60 Seconds

Tom Gentry is a fractional cfo in Atlanta and has been providing CFO services for more than 20 years in the medical, commercial real estate, and bioscience industries. Prior to that, Tom was a Partner in a large regional CPA Firm in Greenville, SC. and enjoys helping clients reach their goals in life and watching their businesses succeed.

As a Regional Director in Atlanta Tom will:

Provide a detailed analysis of your Company’s business support, operational skills and strategic planning

Based on the analysis, Tom will provide you with a Scope of Work (“SOW”) to improve items like: 1) Profit, 2) Cash flow, 3) Strategic funding, and 4) Strategic planning

Working with you Tom will execute the SOW plan and start the improvement process

To find out more about Tom and his fractional CFO career take a look at his LinkedIn

Track Record Highlights

  • Raised more than +$500 MM in capital for various clients.
  • Spearheaded the sale of 17 income producing commercial properties.
  • As a fractioanl cfo Tom has assisted client in growing the business from $15 MM to +$300 MM in rev.

Sector Experience

  • Healthcare: Outpatient Imaging
  • Property & Real Estate: Commercial Fractional CFO
  • Sport & Recreation: Large Box Fitness Center

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