Thom Erwin – Fractional CFO In 60 Seconds

Thom Erwin is a visionary CFO with 20+ years of experience combining safeguarded operational excellence with turbocharged growth and productivity initiatives. Thom excels in dissecting processes to boost profitability, leveraging cutting-edge Business Intelligence tools to transform insights into action. Thom is passionate building enduring relationships with consistent focus on client success.

Specialist Skills

M&A Specialist

Delivered merger and acquisition and business financial consulting services to identify and provide recommendations to clients to improve business profitability, performance, and key metrics

Management Information

Capable of optimizing processes through the implementation of innovative financial solutions

Business Planning

Proven track record in planning and executing short and long-term business strategies that generated excellent results

Analytics Wizard

Strong background in optimizing processes and profitability through business analysis and utilization of Business Intelligence tools

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budgeting & forecasting for small to medium sized businesses. Reporting and planning for monthly, quarterly, annual and five-year plans

Track Record Highlights

  • Successfully combined the separated general ledger, purchasing, property management, and point-of-sale systems by evaluating and selecting the new generation ERP (enterprise resource planning) software solution and led the full implementation effort.
  • Built complete financial and logistic system for a successful Shopify e-commerce start-up.
  • Recognized as a top corporate business brokerage intermediary principal producer on a national level for a financial consulting practice that serves the specialized needs of small business owners.
  • Showcased expertise in developing financial models, tools, processes, and procedures leveraging technical proficiencies in ERP and Financial applications, Database applications and Business Intelligence Dashboard Design.
  • Provided clients with expert guidance and consulting on business valuations, business succession planning, and third-party capital financial needs, including commercial real estate consulting services.

Sector Experience

  • hospitality & tourism
  • property & real-estate: Mergers & Acquisitions, SBA Qualification
  • banking & financial-services: Franchise Operations
  • retail & consumer-products: E-Commerce, Shopify, QuickBooks
  • human-resources & recruitment: Online HR & Payroll

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