Brad Kayton – Fractional CFO and Regional Director In 60 Seconds

Brad Kayton is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned operator and fractional CFO who has been working as a financial professional and strategic consultant for companies large and small over the last decade. He’s been a fractional CFO for twelve entities, but also over his career was a CEO three times, COO twice, VP/Head of Marketing twice, and a Board member or advisor for 16 companies.

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Specialist Skills



Raising Funds

Business Planning

Implementing "CFO Essentials"

Track Record Highlights

  • 15 years of Board governance and SEC experience, Investment Advisor (Series 65)
  • 13 US patents granted with the USPTO
  • Owns and operates a FINRA-registered firm doing M&A transactions
  • Defined, managed, and marketed products that have become the market leader in its respective area numerous times and across different industries
  • As a fractional CFO has raised over $300M for companies

Sector Experience

  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Resources & Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Services

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