Steven Mitcham – Fractional CFO In 60 Seconds

Steven Mitcham is an astute strategist and fractional CFO, with over four decades of experience building and aligning organizations to achieve excellence, profitability, and unparalleled client service at both the executive and Board level.

A skilled relationship builder and trusted director on more than a dozen Board of Directors, Steve is a primary strategist on business expansions, turnarounds, and M&A’s.

As a fractional CFO, Steven has launched and managed businesses with over $500 million in P&L, 350 employees and offices around the world and most recently, started and taken a company public.

He is adept at leading financial and business operations in the high-tech, financial, hospitality and real estate development industries. Steven is skilled at planning and implementing critical business initiatives,
achieving financial objectives, and negotiating multi-million-dollar acquisitions, joint ventures, and licensing agreements in industries such as
technology, medical device, financial services, and real estate.

After having struggled through the many demanding issues of growing small companies early in his career, Steve is now passionate about helping other small companies avoid those challenges in the Atlanta region and beyond.

Specialist Skills

Cash Flow Improvement

Analysis & Improvements

M&A Specialist

M&A / Turn Arounds / Exit Strategy

Strategic Thinker

Short & Long Term Strategic Planning

Corporate Finance

Debt & Equity Financing


Public Offering

Track Record Highlights

  • C-Level executive management for over 40 years (CFO, CEO, COO)
  • Executive of $500m company 350 employees and offices around the world
  • Director or Chair on more than 12 Board of Directors
  • Raised over $100 million in debt and equity financing supporting capitalization & growth of multiple enterprises
  • Have executed 5 M&A transactions
  • Started company and filed with SEC to take it public

Sector Experience

  • Technology, Media & Telecoms: Hardware, Software, Network & Communications
  • Healthcare: Technology, Digital Records & Medical Devices
  • Banking & Financial Services: Fund Origination, Fund Management, Debt & Equity Financing
  • Property & Real Estate: Commercial/Residential Development, Capitalization, Management

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