Specialist Skills

Corporate Finance

Understanding of Strategy, Capital deployment, and WAAC optimization

Raising Funds

Excellent with Presentation tools, Strategy and Financial Modelling

Systems and Controls

Hands-on with Miro Mapping, Figma Wire-Framing, Operational/System Architecture

M&A Specialist

Maximize corporate valuations and understand/mitigate quantitrisks

Managing Risk

Strong with Hedging Strategies and Patent / Branding Plans.

Track Record Highlights

  • Tech + Accounting: CFO & Technology Architect for a various companies, and recently a $100M+ Debt Fund. Conceptualized, designed and developed many FinTech, Commerce, and BlockChain platforms.
  • Strategy + Finance: Consulted 5 years in Venture & P/E (Strategy, Restructuring, Fundraising, Branding). Skilled: 1) Various Design / Presentation tools. 2) Accounting /Finance / Modelling.
  • Entrepreneur + Leadership: Led a successful $50M Venture that exited to a leading Fortune 50, Hewlett Packard. Director of Strategy & Marketing at HP - reported to the CTO’s Office.
  • Risk Mitigation + Patents: Global Head of Marketing for a private, multi-billion dollar invention / patent fund(s).
  • M&A + Finance: Negotiated complex strategic alliances and various term sheets, at C-Suite levels

Sector Experience

  • technology, media & telecoms: FinTech + Platform Design + Intangible Assets

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