Kevin Comerford – Fractional CFO In 60 Seconds

Kevin is a professional with experience managing finance / accounting and operations for companies of varying sizes. He has extensive experience as a CFO from start-ups through leading the company through an initial public offering. As a CFO, he has raised money in the equity and debt markets and has overseen several M&A transactions. He is also is well versed in ERP solutions and implementations.

Specialist Skills

Financial Operations

I have overseen and built several back-office teams and processes


I have been a CEO and Co-founder of 3 entities employing several people

M&A Specialist

I have initiated and managed several M&A transactions

Management Information

I ran a team of ERP specialist building dash boards highlighting KPI's

Corporate Finance

I have raised several millions in the equity and debt markets through an IPO

Track Record Highlights

  • CFO with finance dept. full vertical progression across many sectors
  • CFO who has raised many equity series offerings through an IPO
  • Co-founder and partner of Momentum Equity Partners, LLC
  • Deep experience with merger and acquisition transactions
  • Experience with international multiple culture companies

Sector Experience

  • Technology Media & Telecoms: ERP, SaaS Applications

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