Cary Berman – Fractional CFO In 60 Seconds

A seasoned global business leader and strategist with three decades of experience in finance, operations, customer service, and IT leadership, particularly fluent in fintech. Adept at critical thinking and cross-functional problem-solving, excelling in dynamic environments and demonstrating a track record of successful mentorship and team development, both on-site and remotely.

With over twenty-five years of professional experience, I have contributed significantly to companies worldwide , guiding them towards achieving their financial and operational objectives through robust financial leadership, strategic planning, operational excellence, and data-driven decision-making. My expertise spans various sectors, including Fintech, Health-tech, Professional services, Not-for-profit, and SaaS. I have played a pivotal role in helping numerous companies as a fractional CFO, secure funding, optimize capital structures, and forge stronger banking relationships.

Furthermore, I have cultivated extensive networks across the US, Latin America, and Africa, leveraging these connections for growth initiatives, business development endeavors, and strategic partnerships.

Specialist Skills

Raising Funds

I have raised funds for over 15 companies by providing financial models, pitch decks, strategy and consolatory services..

Budgeting & Forecasting

I have created finanical models, budgets and forecasts for internal and external clients, helping over 20 companies use data driven analytics to drive strategy.


I have worked with FinTech's across the globe on regulatory and compliance matters including licensing, KYC, AML and other related topics.

Financial Operations

I have driven and enhanced financial operations for companies in the SaaS, BaaS, Fintech, HealthTech and service space for over 25 years.

Technology Evangelist

From ERP system implementations to new system design, requirements and project management I champion integration of technology to enhance and scale business operations.

Track Record Highlights

  • Launched and managed a global service firm enabling small, early-stage companies to raise money, scale, and accelerate growth. MoM growth of the firm was 125%.
  • Created a customer savings platform to provide a convenient and accessible money savings tool. Increased customer stickiness by 23% in the first year and CLV by 10%.
  • Drove internal investment banking (sell-side) and due diligence process, including the creation of the CIM, resulting in due diligence with over 20 potential buyers.
  • Successfully led a turnaround of a publicly traded company from bankruptcy to an NASD-listed operating entity. Managed equity and debt financing, SEC/shareholder reporting, banking, and investor relations. • Raised money for 15+ companies by creating financial models and pitch decks, running roadshows, and data room activities.
  • Raised money for 15+ companies by creating financial models and pitch decks, running roadshows, and data room activities.
  • Created a innovative solution for a money service business to allow it to cost effectively resolve it compliance and licensing issues and process payments in 25 states that had previously been closed off. Resulted in 40%+ increase in yearly revenues
  • Created a new Revenue Service line for Fintech company including go to market strategy, customer acquisition models and full financial modeling and ROI. By year 2 this new line accounted for 20% of total revenue.

Sector Experience

  • Banking-& Financial-Services: Fintech, SaaS, BaaS, Healthtech,
  • Healthcare: Revenue Cycle Management
  • Not-For-Profit: Global Healthcare, USAID and Grant Funding

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