Bill Rauhauser In 60 Seconds

Bill Rauhauser’s past roles have been diverse and include the position of CEO for a number of companies in the start-up phase, and he worked as CFO for various businesses with up to $100m revenue. Bill Rauhauser is  accomplished in acquisitions and have a breadth of experience working for Fortune 500 companies.

Bill is solution-driven and forward-thinking and loves to problem solve for his clients. Helping entrepreneurs achieve their work and personal goals is Bill Rauhauser main passion.

Specialist Skills

Business Modeling and strategic planning

Developing financial strategy to expedite growth and increase valuation - how do you emphasize those attributes to make your business successful, or, will you not succeed if you don’t?

Budgeting and forecasting

Identifying risks, opportunities and tracking performance - consistently update with internal and external issues to forecast realistic results.

Profit improvement

Increasing profit and equity value and attracting investors

Capital Acquisition and funding

Raised $8mm for the startups, successfully completed a private placement of funds for another.

Management Information

Building financial building blocks to increase cash, profit and valuation - numbers are just numbers but they tell a story – your financial team needs to tell the story in understandable terms to your operating team to help you run the business.

Track Record Highlights

  • Started two ecommerce businesses – identified a new market niche and grew one to $10MM in six years and sold it
  • Used the covid ERTC tax credit to receive $1.4 million for one company and $650K for another
  • Revamped a financial team that hadn’t finished the last year audit in 11 months – implemented month end reporting in ten business days – completed the yearend audit in three months
  • Came in as part of a new management team and turned around a failing company, grew it from $40 to $100 million in six years and sold it for $50 million
  • Relocated a 40K sq/ft warehouse to a 100K sq/ft warehouse, put in new systems to track and efficiently store inventory based on turnaround and batch it to distribute it to 30 different stores
  • As the Controller’s rep on a fortune 500 acquisition team, reviewed the company’s income and financial staff in Spain resulting in the abandonment of the acquisition.
  • Asked to come into an Amex Co by a Board member, analyzed the business – gave the Bd of Dir a plan to reallocate assets to increase EPS – increased sales on remodeled stores by 50% and used the same plan to sell the company

Sector Experience

  • Not For Profit
  • Retail & Consumer Products
  • Schools
  • General Businesses

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