Kirk Zavieh – Soundmouse

Speaker: Kirk Zavieh, Founder, Soundmouse

What would you like to say to your FD/CFO?

Kirk Zavieh: Wise, energetic, charming, resourceful, fun to work with. Thank you Raymond. Thank you for helping us across the board. You’ve helped us raise money and I’m very excited at the work that we’re going to do together to raise a lot more.

What problems were you facing before we started working with you?

Kirk Zavieh: The true challenges of how to manage growth… We opened up an office in Japan. We won a large tender to deal with the entire country of Korea so opening an office there. We won a large tender for the BBC and with Disney in America. And all of that during the pandemic. A truly challenging year, and Raymond helped us be confident to know our numbers and to raise more money during that period so that we can be more comfortable to actually grow as opposed to take it at a slower pace. So fantastic work. Thank you.

What have been the benefits to the business specifically?

Kirk Zavieh: Knowing the numbers helps everything. It builds confidence. It allows you to enjoy your role more. You’ve got a longer view of the outcome of things and someone like Raymond adds a degree of professionality that can be expressed externally. So all in all, I’d say he’s brought a degree of professionalism, confidence, happiness and actually, as a result, more money.

How has our support benefited you personally?

Kirk Zavieh: When you’re in a situation like us where there’s lots of growth and lots of demand and therefore lots of demand on resources and money and spending, nothing makes you happier than someone who gives you confidence to know how that money is being spent, and Raymond is fun. So you put the two together, you’re going to be happier as an entrepreneur. So I’m much happier with him working with us.

What is the number that really matters to you?

Kirk Zavieh: What is the number that really matters to you? That’s a very good question. I’m still in the process of figuring that out, and no doubt working with Raymond, that number will be bigger. So just a general big thank you and I thoroughly recommend working with a really high quality FD. Like Raymond.