Glenda Lewis In 60 Seconds

I am highly qualified Chief Financial Officer with over 12 years specialising in strategy, driving performance and financial management. I am extremely passionate about helping businesses grow and maximising business value, and have much experience in negotiating, closing and integrating acquisitions, preparing companies for sale and undertaking strategic transactions.

Specialist Skills

Profit Improvement

Financial Operations

Strategic Thinker

Cash flow Improvement

Systems and Controls

Track Record Highlights

  • Together with the CEO, ran the largest IT staffing company in Canada, and tripled its revenue and EBITDA in three years
  • Implementation of strategic projects during the 2015 oil and gas industry down turn which ultimately maintained the EBITDA return through the Financial crash
  • Designed many and varied operational performance programs for entire companies, including ‘Key Result Areas’, automated scorecards, aligned performance reviews and linked compensation
  • Successfully negotiated, closed and integrated over 10 acquisitions over three different countries
  • Undertaken countless strategic planning events and holding the executive teams accountable to progress - in two different countries doubled two companies EBITDA in two years
  • Taken five different entities to market with successful results for the shareholders

Sector Experience

  • services
  • retail-consumer-products
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics
  • banking-financial-services

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