Rate Your Company’s Finance Function in 7 Minutes Using New ‘F Score’ Test

The CFO Centre has developed a quick and efficient tool for rating your company’s finance function: the ‘F Score’ test.  This test takes around 7 minutes to complete, covers the 12 key areas of your finance function and provides you with a detailed eight page report.

The purpose of this report is to provide you with your ‘F Score’ profile, from which you will learn about the role of the finance function in the wider context of your business as well as highlighting key areas where significant and valuable improvements can be made.

Your F Score is a terrific aid in identifying opportunities for improvement – not just in the performance of your financial function but, indeed, of your business itself.  It will help you maximise your chances of success and minimise the costs of failure.  By starting your journey here, you will find yourself better equipped to build a robust, strategic plan for your company, as well as squeeze more cash flow out of your operations.

The CFO Centre has extensive experience, a vast knowledge base, and a powerful set of tools and frameworks to facilitate sustainable and meaningful change in the financial performance of your business.

Not only do we provide ambitious companies with part-time Chief Financial Officers, we also serve as mentors to current CFOs who, although struggling with the changing economic landscape, are nevertheless driven by a desire to become “experienced, entrepreneurial CFOs”.

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