“Being a part-time FD for the past eight years has meant I’ve been able to play a large role in my son’s life.”

Neil Methold, portfolio FD at the FD Centre in the Thames Valley
(part of The CFO Centre Group)

Neil, 54 has found the move into the part-time portfolio world beneficial in so many ways. Not only has he been able to enjoy more family and leisure time, but he’s also had the pleasure of coaching and mentoring people working within his clients’ companies. Neil now also mentors new Principals joining the FD Centre to help them at the start of their journey to a portfolio career.

“My greatest satisfaction comes from coaching and mentoring people within these companies so they become self-sufficient and can do more and more of the work themselves.

“I see it as my responsibility to ensure the work is done – not necessarily to do it all myself. I think that has a significant impact on client retention.”

Neil has found the move from the corporate world extremely refreshing.

“You can’t go in and be all corporate. SMEs don’t want that. They want someone they can trust and rely on and build a good relationship with. A friendly face. Not just a very clever big shot. You need to be down to earth and people-focused.”

The relationships you have with clients are what help to make this such a rewarding way of life. Neil talks openly about the genuine respect that he has with his clients, which gives him a great deal of job satisfaction.

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