"Elechia has benefited us as a business in every facet"

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Tony Williams - Owner of Williams Designer Homes

Tony Williams, Owner

Spotlight: Williams Designer Homes

Owner: Tony Williams

The problem

Before Elechia came along, we needed to improve our systems and get a better handle on our reporting and team management. We were not able to see what the actual monthly profits were as we didn’t have the ability to calculate the WIP, and most of our purchases were expensed in the month incurred, so we would only get a true profit at the end of the year. We also discovered that we were only utilising about 10% of our project management software, Buildertrend.
A newly-built bungalow with brick walls.

The solution

Elechia has benefited us as a business in every facet. We now conduct monthly meetings, closely monitoring our KPIs, WIP and P&L to make sure that we are hitting our targets. We are now utilising our project management software at around 85% - this allows my team to be more efficient and take on more duties. Personally, I have more confidence to lead my team in a productive way by laying down firm boundaries so the team know how to respond to any situation.
A newly-built house with wide driveway and backyard.
The numbers that realy matter 18
William Designer Homes' owner and his team.

Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Tony what is the number that really matters to him?

The number that really matters to me is 18. This is the number of employees that Williams Designer Homes has. This has grown by 6 since Elechia’s arrival, and these are the people who are responsible for delivering the high quality projects.

A 'thank you' to my FD/CFO

"I want to thank Elechia for all of her support that she has offered us here at Williams Designer Homes to all of my team. She has been nothing but fantastic throughout her time here, and we really, really appreciate everything she’s done for us." Tony Williams

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