"Phil has hugely reduced the stress and strain in the business!"

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alistair murray

Alistair Murray, Owner

Spotlight: Relocation Support Services

Owner: Alistair Murray

The problem

Maintaining positive cash flow so we could pay our people and suppliers on time was an issue for us. It was causing me some sleepless nights worrying about how we were going to juggle everything.
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The solution

When Phil came on board he helped us tighten up our systems and controls so that we have a more robust finance function. This included improving our invoicing procedures to ensure we were being paid the right amounts and on time, which in turn meant we could pay our suppliers on time and alleviate the stress within the busniess. The positive impact on me personally cannot be overstated. I was literally having sleepless nights regularly waking up in the middle of the night, which had a knock-on effect for my family and home life. Book a 15 minute discovery session
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The numbers that realy matter 15
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Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Alistair what is the number that really matters to you?

The number that really matters to me is '15' as it represents the number of hours during each week that i get to spend with my wife and kids now that I'm not constantly stressed.

A 'thank you' to my FD/CFO

"Thank you. I'm incredibly grateful for the expertise and experience he brought to the business. Not only has he allowed us to look more strategically and long term, he has hugely reduced the stress and strain in the business and we can now be completely relaxed during the month knowing exactly where we are at all times and this has made a massive difference." Alistair Murray

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