"It is difficult to imagine how we would have found a safe haven without you"

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Rede2 Owner: Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson, Owner

Spotlight: Rede2

Owner: Peter Jackson

The problem

There was no rhythm or rigour to our financial reporting which placed the business at risk because our lack of real understanding of the numbers. We didn't really comprehend the depth of the challenge we faced until David starting working with us.
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The solution

David helped us to identify our shortcomings and worked with us to implement changes to deliver robust processes allowing us to recover from challenging times. We now have a systematic understanding of our financial position and as a consequence, we are in a stronger position to continue to grow both revenue and profit. I now get to sleep at night, I can see the way forward and I am much more confident in securing my and my family's long term future.
Peter Jackson on hiring a part-time CFO.
The numbers that realy matter 20-20

Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Peter what is the number that really matters to him?

As a keen photographer, vision is hugely important to me. I have chosen 20-20 as the number that really matters to me as it depicts the clear vision I now have to secure my long term future.

A 'thank you' to my FD/CFO

"David, I would like to personally thank you for being a calm hand on the tiller whilst we have been negotiating stormy seas. It is difficult to imagine how we would have found a safe haven without you." Peter Jackson

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