Taylor Purkis In 60 Seconds

A career of 2 halves, the 1st was a voyage of discovery parachuted in and transferred to various countries either to turnaround failing operations or accelerate growth within underperforming markets. Ended up with a 1bn USD divisional desk job, which didn’t suit me, so I jumped ship having spent the last 10 years working mainly with owners of fast growth SMEs, which I love.

Specialist Skills

Technology Evangelist

Leveraging to build tools, create workflows and nurture growth mindsets.

Raising Funds

Proven track record encompassing pre revenue and fast growth pre profit ventures.

Strategic Thinker

Beyond where you are, where you're going and how; to actually making it happen.


Strive to be my best self and encourage others to do the same.

Profit Improvement

Increasing profit and equity value and attracting investors.

Track Record Highlights

  • Engineering my 1st 2 exit strategies; 10 years apart; 1st Argentina, 2nd Finland.
  • Barcelona; transforming worst to best performer in Europe.
  • Every UK based SME growth experience for the past 10 years.

Sector Experience

  • Technology, Media & Telecoms
  • Retail & Consumer Products: Wholesale
  • Services
  • Manufacturing

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