Shaun O’Hara In 60 Seconds

I am an experienced and focused CFO with over 25 years of experience in professional sport, arenas, hospitality, and property. In the last 3 years I have been consulting for Bicester Motion Limited incorporating Commercial Property, Leisure and Events. Qualified Chartered Accountant with significant fund raising, cashflow management and business planning experience

Specialist Skills

Banking Relationship

All funding requirements and covenants management.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Annual, quarterly budgeting and forecasting.

Business Planning

Preparing and monitoring long term business plan.

Cash flow Improvement

Detailed cashflow management.

Exit Planning

Preparation of IM and financial modelling for Exit.

Track Record Highlights

  • IPO for Norwich City Football Club in 2003. Securisation fund raise of £15m and project management of New stadium facilities.
  • Management of all Group Finances at Inter MK Group Limited, incorporating MK Dons Football Club, Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, and a Commercial Property business.
  • Raised all Finance for the Inter MK Property business and the bank funding for the development of the Hotel now 310 beds.
  • Managed the acquisition of land in North Norfolk for the development of a 44 residential development. Project managed the development and raised all necessary finance.
  • Managed Banking relationship for Bicester Motion Group securing £22m of funding over 3 years and prepared IM documentation and financial models for equity raise that will lead to a whole sale

Sector Experience

  • Construction: Residential development
  • Sport & Recreation: Football
  • Hospitality & Tourism: Hotels
  • Agriculture & Farming: Grain Trading
  • Property & Real Estate: Real Estate and tenant management
  • Not for Profit: Charities

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