Mike Cartwright In 60 Seconds

Many years of experience as CEO/ CFO of international businesses with a track record of effective and entrepreneurial financial, commercial and strategic management. Taken the opportunity in the last 10 years to embrace a portfolio career and now work with owners of SME’s to share that experience and help them to achieve their company and personal objectives.

Track Record Highlights

  • Served as CEO or FD in several private equity backed businesses in a variety of sectors and managed entry and exit transactions.
  • Drove the successful sale process for a defence contracting client as the most recent of at least 25 completed M&A transactions involving SMEs.
  • Managed the successful reversal of a technology business into a shell PLC and followed on with a rights issue.
  • Managed complex banking and pension fund relationships through a major business restructuring of a 90 year old manufacturing company.
  • Controlled daily cash management processes to enable client to maintain operations through a cash crisis.
  • Managed an offshore development project in India and implementation of a bespoke ERP system for large mail consolidator.

Sector Experience

  • technology-media-telecoms Software Development
  • engineering Worldwide Manufacture
  • government-defence Defence Contracting
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics Complex logistics and transport
  • services Marketing Communications

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