Michael Stock In 60 Seconds

A strategic CFO with a broad range of technical and analytical skills. I have extensive international experience and have built and managed high performing cross-border finance teams. Operating as a senior leader, I support boards in the creation and delivery of business plans and am particularly experienced in helping fund, manage and realise growth either organically or through M&A activity.

Specialist Skills

Exit Planning

Created owner wealth through enhancing value drivers and managing multiple exits.

Business Planning

Developed strategy and built plans for delivery which were reviewed regularly.

Cash flow Improvement

Created and reviewed weekly cashflow forecasts linked to business activity.

Banking Relationship

Knowledge of main high street banks and alternative markets.

People Manager

Identification of finance talent appropriate for business need.

Track Record Highlights

  • Negotiated tailored refinancing packages to ensure appropriate funding for business objectives...survival, turnaround, growth, acquisition.
  • Engaged with Private Equity to provide the required growth capital while de-risking the business but retaining incentivised management ownership.
  • Introduced profitability reporting by part/customer to provide visibility on margin drivers and facilitate targeted price increases.
  • Supported development of business strategy and ensured organisational alignment through targeted (and bonused) and monitored objectives.
  • Identified specific value drivers for the business and developed a plan for improvement to optimise the value (on exit) for equity holders.

Sector Experience

  • engineering
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics
  • mining-resources-energy

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