Mark Pilkington In 60 Seconds

As a highly experienced FD who has worked solely with owner-managed SMEs, both in the UK and overseas, I know the challenges that business owners face. I have 20 years’ experience in the construction industry and have been through turnarounds, fund raising, fast growth and start-ups. I joined The CFO Centre to support business owners who otherwise cannot access an experienced FD. Now, I enjoy working with inspiring business leaders around the region from Guildford, to Hove, to Kingston upon Thames.

Specialist Skills

Cash flow Improvement

Remember that cash is king, as you can't do much without it.

Financial Operations

Ensuring everything is in order and ready to help you drive increased cash and profits.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Operational budgets and long term forecasting, i.e. looking forward not back, because you can't change what's happened.

Profit Improvement

Looking at the detail, whilst understanding what's important, to help increase profits.

Banking Relationship

Working with your bank, so you can focus on running your business.

Track Record Highlights

  • Successfully navigated a Group through a period of profit decline and then sustained growth, improving the cash position by £8m during this time.
  • Renegotiated an overdraft facility whilst the company was making significant annual losses.
  • Reorganisation of accounts functions, through staff changes and process and systems improvements, to support a company through times of rapid growth.
  • Setup and overseeing a new US registered business, with $1m turnover in year 1.
  • Several systems reviews and implementation of new business tools.

Sector Experience

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics: Distribution
  • Retail & Consumer Products

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