Haider Mawji In 60 Seconds

An entrepreneurial CFO with 20 years experience from Start Ups to PLCs. I joined the FD Centre in 2018 with a history of increasing profitability, sourcing external finance, raising credit lines and generating significant savings in operations. I have embraced the portfolio career, immersing myself in each client’s unique business culture, helping CEOs achieve their business and personal goals.

Specialist Skills

Technology Evangelist

Optimising through automation

Banking Relationship

Nurturing and developing professional relationships

Raising Funds

Adding credibility when securing Investors/Financiers

Profit Improvement

Focus on increasing ROI

Corporate Finance

Achieving successful outcomes through comprehensive and engaging communication

Track Record Highlights

  • Guided client through PE House and Due Diligence process leading to a successful deal
  • Developed a Strategic Business Plan including a partial exit and “war chest” for acquisitions
  • Led competitive process to select an investment partner from over major 40 PE Houses, obtaining an EBITDA multiple of 12 - double the industry average
  • Raised over £5m in funding to carry my clients through the Covid-19 crisis
  • Implemented automated payment processing system, resulting in increased credit lines, reduced staffing requirement and speeding up payment of suppliers
  • Ran my own company, growing revenue from £4m to £40m

Sector Experience

  • technology-media-telecoms Telecoms
  • technology-media-telecoms Hospitality Technology
  • hospitality-tourism Travel & Tourism
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics Medical Technology

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