Eric Marshall In 60 Seconds

Experienced hands-on finance professional and business leader with over 26 years’ experience as FC and CFO. I am highly motivated, results orientated Main Board Director who has worked on business turnaround and business improvement in PLC’s and private Ltd companies of all sizes. I have strong interpersonal skills effective with people at all levels and internal and external stakeholders.

Specialist Skills

Profit Improvement

Business turnaround and enhancement, improving value for owners and shareholders.

Business Planning

Helping business owners achieve their objectives.

M&A Specialist

Growing businesses through mergers & acquisitions.

Management Information

Keeping information concise and relevant so owners can focus on their strengths.

Banking Relationship

Understanding how best to work with outside stakeholders to ensure their support.

Track Record Highlights

  • Business Turnaround - turned two businesses around losing over £1m each, one in manufacturing the other in the service sector.
  • Profit Improvement - worked in the private sector, PLC's and global businesses using financial information to help drive change and demonstrate the achievement of objectives.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions - worked as part of 3-man team that completed four acquisitions on three continents in 18 months.
  • Change Management - extensive experience through system implimentation, business integration, business recovery and extensive restructuring and organisational change management.
  • Financial Reporting - exceptional excel and financial modelling skills combined with communication skills that make financial understanding accessible to none-financial managers.

Sector Experience

  • Agriculture & Farming: hands on farm work, business management
  • Retail & Consumer Products: worked with all supermarkets in an FMCG environment
  • Construction: Extensive experience in factory environments
  • Healthcare: CFO of a global healthcare company operating on 3 continents

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