Darran Cox In 60 Seconds

Experienced FD/CFO with a passion for working in a positive and collaborative manner with business owners and leaders to help them succeed and achieve their goals.

Before joining the FD Centre in 2016, I spent 25 years in senior financial roles in larger FTSE250 businesses. I have extensive international experience and have also lived and worked as a CFO in the USA.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Thinker

30 years experience of being part of dynamic management teams

Profit Improvement

Track record of helping drive improved profitability

Management Information

Always deliver the right information at the right time

Technology Evangelist

Excited about customer technology and technological gains in finance

Analytics Wizard

Deep understanding of the power of data in both the business and finance

Track Record Highlights

  • Served as FD/CFO in multiple businesses ranging from start-up to £100m turnover
  • Replaced full-time FD/CFO on multiple occasions and provided the same level of performance but on working part-time
  • Whether working as a part-time FD/CFO for a client for 1 day a month or 8 days a month, the business has always improved and moved forward quicker as a result of my involvement
  • Consistent record of improving business performance through improved financial data being provided to the management team.
  • Providing strong financial data has always led to better strategic thinking and analysis, which has further improved business performance
  • Experience of both acquiring and divesting of businesses, and also integrating an acquired business
  • Strong telecoms and technology sector background together with the service sector where my skill set is very transferrable

Sector Experience

  • technology-media-telecoms
  • services

What's next?

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