Chris Morton In 60 Seconds

I am a commercially orientated CFO/Finance Director with 20+ years’ experience of working with entrepreneurs and family owned businesses, helping the owners reach their goals and the business to realise its potential. I particularly enjoy working with small and medium size enterprises as this involves building strong personal relationships with the stakeholders and their team of close advisors.

Specialist Skills

Banking Relationship

Managing relationships and gaining funding.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Led and managed numerous budgeting processes.


Cross functional support and broader scope management.

Cash flow Improvement

Helping clients to manage and improve cash flows.

Corporate Finance

Funding advice and preparation of business for sale.

Track Record Highlights

  • Business partner to entrepreneurs and family business owners.
  • Building relationships with key stakeholders, including banks, auditors, lawyers, regulatory bodies.
  • 30+ years of experience as a commercially orientated Chartered Accountant.
  • Full involvement in development and sale of new build £3m house in Hampstead at a profit during recession in 2009.
  • Acted as first-ever finance director for large property developer and efficiently managed previous cash flow deficit of over six months for multiple suppliers.

Sector Experience

  • Property & Real Estate: Property development, investment and management
  • Services: Show business, particularly concert promotion
  • Construction: Single residential houses
  • Hospitality & Tourism: Events

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