Chris Campkin In 60 Seconds

For over 25 years I have worked with owners of creative communications, human capital and technology businesses to support them in achieving their goals. Whether this is to raise initial capital and set up the business, to develop growth strategies and equity schemes to incentivise and retain their leadership team, to deal with the bumps along the way or to deliver an exit.

Specialist Skills

Exit Planning

Helped owners recognise where value could be lost and built plans to rectify.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Developed business plans, annual budgets and regular forecast updates to keep targets in focus.

Cash flow Improvement

Improved cash management to aid growth (and micro managed a few cash crises).

Supplier Relationships

Built strong relationships with supplier/partners and improved commercial terms.

Banking Relationship

Restructured and re-financed multiple businesses.

Track Record Highlights

  • Delivered sale of international publishing business to private equity buyer.
  • Grew agency fee income by 130% in 18 months and then delivered trade sale.
  • Managed successful post acquisition integration of two purchases into the enlarged group.
  • Developed reporting pack and KPI dashboard to enable managers to focus on, and speed up, critical decision-making.
  • Delivered significant UK tax relief for losses incurred by an overseas subsidiary company.

Sector Experience

  • technology-media-telecoms, Creative Communications Agencies, Media, SaaS
  • services, Production Services
  • retail-consumer-products
  • construction, Residential Property Development
  • agriculture-farming, Woodland Management

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