Service Excellence Sponsor 2023

Attendees applauding the 2021 SME Hertfordshire awardees.

This month, The CFO Centre is sponsoring and presenting the Service Excellence Award at the SME National Business Awards in Wembley, London.


What is the Service Excellence Award?

The winner of this category will give outstanding assistance and advice to those who buy or use the business or organisation’s products or services. They will be able to provide customer testimonials to back up their submission.


Being the sponsor of such a respected award has given us as a team and business great pride. For the past 21 years, our part-time CFOs have worked daily with SMEs across the globe. From businesses seeking funding experience to entrepreneurs needing assistance with an exit, we have seen it all. Many of the nominees featured in the SME Awards will be in similar, if not exactly the same positions, as the clients we already support.


Amongst the Service Excellence award are additional categories specialising in a range of sectors including Best Customer Service, Best New Business, and Business Person of the Year, to name a few. For more information on the categories you can enter, click here



Wanting to support the event?

Date: Thursday 26th January 2023

Location: Hilton, Wembley

LinkedIn: sme-business-awards

Twitter: @eventsandprmk

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