Dan Pimm, december19

Speaker: Dan Pimm , Co-Founder , december19

What would you like to say to your CFO?

Dan Pimm : Hi there this is Dan at december19. This is a big shout out or a big thank you to Dax Mehta for his invaluable help to us all at december19. In his CFO role, he’s been with us for three, maybe four years. He’s so good I can’t remember how long. He’s part of the business and he’s amazing.

What one or two big issues/untapped opportunities were you facing before you started working with us?

Dan Pimm : When Dax joined us, the business was starting to grow to a point where we really needed to consider an CFO. Dave, who’s my business partner, was good, but he’s not FD good and we needed to take a bit of pressure off him and so that was one of the reasons. Also we didn’t really have financial strategy. We’re all for the right here, right now and we really needed to have someone who could look forward for us. So that’s where the business was at the time.

What have been the benefits to your business specifically?

Dan Pimm : Dax has brought specific benefits, as I mentioned before – planning ahead and real financial strategy for december19. We have far more understanding on our cash flow now. We had no idea of that until Dax put together his magical spreadsheets. They’re something to be seen to be believed because he’s immense at them! And we’re now gaining a greater understanding of our clients and how profitable our clients are yet again through Dax’s, magical spreadsheets. He is a master.

What have the benefits been to you personally?

Dan Pimm : The personal benefits Dax has brought to me… To be honest with you, I’m hopeless at the finance side of things anyway. I’m terrible at the spreadsheet side, but that’s what’s so great about him actually. He doesn’t over complicate things and his way of putting things to even a simpleton like me, is just amazing and so I understand everything which is going on from the finance point of view with my business. He’s also taken loads of pressure off my business partner, which makes me sleep at night, because if he’s stressed, I’m stressed and I don’t like being stressed.

What are you hoping to achieve over the coming 12-24 months with the support of your CFO?

Dan Pimm : Over the next year, I’m really just looking for more of the same from Dax to be honest. He’s been an amazing help. A godsend to our business. We feel very lucky that he’s with us. More specifically, actually, we’ve started to really look at the hours our team are spending on our clients and he’s really started digging deep into the profitability of our clients on a day-to-day basis and that’s going to be ongoing over the next 12 – 24 months.