"I’m happy working together with Wido. I feel like I can say anything and he takes me seriously."


Kees Abbes, Owner

Spotlight: Fontijne Holland

The problem

Fontijne is a supplier of production equipment for the manufacture of car and truck wheels. The company relaunched in 2017, in a slimmed-down form. Smoothing out the finances was quite a challenge, as was working with the new Chinese shareholders. The financial department had to be rebuilt, there was a need for proper reporting and support with strategic questions. There were also problems with cash flow and liquidity and a new ERP system had to be installed. It was precisely then that the brochure from the CFO Centre arrived through the post. That was certainly a turning point. I had no idea there such a thing existed as a part-time CFO.

The solution

I immediately clicked with Wido. He started setting up reports. Wido has allowed us to gain a great insight into Fontijne Holland's long-term cash flow. This is really important, because the number of orders coming into Fontijne Holland fluctuates, meaning that the company’s cash flow is not steady. Wido has also helped us to professionalize reporting on results and to establish a clear working method in the area of supplies. His years of experience are clearly a great asset for his advisory role in the general management field. In the meantime, Wido and I are making plans and working on the further development of the company, with all the issues that this involves.
The numbers that realy matter 2(2)

Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Kees what is the number that really matters to him?

The knife cuts literally both ways at this point. We need funding for continued growth and one of the conditions to get funding is to show growth. Sometimes, this seems like a Catch-22 situation.

A 'thank you' to my CFO

"I’m happy working together with Wido. I feel like I can say anything and he takes me seriously. Wido is also informal. You can simply call him at any time - even on days when he’s not officially working - and he’ll give you an answer, without the meter running. That kind of helpfulness is important to me. At one point, Wido also said he only needed one day a week instead of two to fit everything in. Very honest and transparent!"

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