"We got more than we were expecting with Pieter and The CFO Centre."


Andrew Maclaren-Taylor, Managing Director

Spotlight: Bathroom Butler

Managing Director: Andrew Maclaren-Taylor

The problem

The problem for us as a smaller business is that we could not afford a full-time CFO but needed this skill set inside our business to grow it. We needed someone with the financial experience that could overlook what we were doing and keep us on track from a financial perspective so we could focus on building our business.

The solution

We got more than we were expecting with Pieter and The CFO Centre. Not only did I get valuable insight into the financial side of our business, but I also had someone to constantly discuss and reevaluate the strategic direction we were moving in. Sometimes you just need someone that has your interests at heart to listen to your ideas as you sound your way through them. The more we worked together the more I also found value in having someone that was not as emotionally invested in the business but rather was able to give independent advice from an outward-looking perspective.
The numbers that realy matter 2

Numbers matter. But not just profit and balance sheet numbers. We asked Andrew what is the number that really matters to him?

My number is '2' to represent the two elements of Ying and Yang. Life is all about balance. With every action you take, with every word you use, there is always a resulting knock-on effect. Therefore choose your words wisely, think before you act, and know that the results of your efforts don’t always appear immediately, so enjoy the journey but always remember to maintain balance in everything you do.

A 'thank you' to my CFO

"Thank you Pieter for not only adding value to our business but also being there as a strategic sounding board. Your experience and knowledge has greatly contributed to our journey over the past 5 years." Andrew Maclaren-Taylor

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