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As a people focused, adaptable Finance and Operations leader in Oshawa, Ontario, Sue excels at delivering results and success for growth-oriented small to medium sized organizations. With a forward looking approach and broad industry experience from publishing to education, not for profits and professional services, Sue brings her passion for operational excellence and optimization to drive employee engagement.

Sue provides virtual CFO services and fractional CFO services in the greater Durham area, including Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby.

Specialist Skills

Budgeting & Forecasting

Experienced in creating, updating and monitoring budgeting and forecasting for small to medium sized organizations

Cash flow Improvement

Experienced in daily cash flow management, projections, and developing cash flow predictability and stability

People Manager

Extensive HR experience in hiring, terminating, employee engagement, career development, benefits and performance improvements


Trusted leader throughout career, developing and engaging staff, known as practical problem solver

Strategic Thinker

Thinks outside the box, is willing to ask questions of senior leaders to ensure strategic direction makes sense for company and employees

Track Record Highlights

  • Implemented full digital transformation for cybersecurity, Salesforce and research grant management software to track $25M+ in government funding
  • Created, documented and managed reporting protocols for new $11.6M Bio Create start-up funding program
  • Established and championed strong internal employee engagement and culture, with 4.4/5 rating before and during pandemic
  • Implemented accounting system migration to Microsoft Dynamics, reducing financial reporting time by 40% each month
  • Managed the consolidation of 2 school locations into one, and the build out and occupancy of 2 new corporate offices
  • Raised $500K for school relocation and construction fund
  • Led finance, HR and operations (including IT) functions of organization through purchase by $1B US based co and established all reporting processes and metrics for new parent

Sector Experience

  • Services: Proprietary consulting company with customers including all large multinational Pharma, manufacturing, financial services, telecoms
  • Technology-media-telecoms: Tax Director for international book publishing, cross Canada newspaper and digital publisher
  • Not-for-profit: Administrator for French Immersion private school charity, Strategic planning, project management and governance structure review for large foundation in GTA, Government funded grant awarding for genetics research org

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