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Stuart is a Canadian CPA, CA with over 20 years as an international CFO with Accord Financial Corp. (TSX: ACD) and Peerage Realty Partners, in a career spanning over 35 years. As a vastly experienced, entrepreneurial, results orientated financial executive and strategic business partner, Stuart is a decisive hands-on leader and team player with a strong work ethic, who thrives on challenges. Detail oriented with a high degree of professionalism, integrity, and judgment, Stuart brings extensive financial expertise in corporate and strategic planning; capital management and treasury; financial management, reporting, planning and analysis; enterprise risk management; corporate taxation; mergers and acquisitions; restructuring; and internal controls.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Planning

Member of executive leadership teams tasked with long term business planning to increase shareholder value.

Banking Relationships

Managed banking relationships for significant syndicated bank facilities. Managed reporting (borrowing bases, compliance reports, covenants). Negotiated credit facility amendments and waivers for covenant breaches.

Treasury, Cashflow and Liquidity Management

Manages corporate cash resources to achieve various goals, such as maintaining liquidity, minimizing interest expense, maximizing interest income.

Working Capital Financing

20 years experience financing working capital for small businesses and related credit risk analysis.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Experience with multiple acquisitions. Conducted due diligence, assessed valuations and capital requirements, reviewed legal documentation, valued acquired assets, and integrated companies.

Track Record Highlights

  • Closed a $292 million syndicated bank facility, subsequently increased to $367 million. Negotiated terms, borrowing bases, financial covenants and reviewed legal documentation.
  • Closed multiple significant acquisitions, conducting due diligence, reviewing purchase agreements, preparing “purchase equations”, valuing acquired assets including intangible assets and goodwill, and integrating acquired companies.
  • Implemented two international tax structures in Luxembourg and Hungary, respectively, with cumulative tax savings of over $20 million.
  • Closed a $26 million convertible debenture prospectus offering and listed the securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
  • Prepared Canadian corporate tax returns for a number of companies for 20 years saving substantial amounts in professional fees.
  • Managed the financial and operational affairs of financially distressed companies (large retailers, manufacturers and distributors). Sold companies on a going concern basis.
  • Director and Audit Committee Chair of MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd. (TSXV: BMK) and former Interim CEO.
  • Documented the design of internal controls over financial reporting for several group companies, with ongoing annual effectiveness testing thereafter.

Sector Experience

  • banking-financial-services: Asset based lending, equipment finance, film finance
  • property-real-estate: Real estate brokerages, pre-construction sales and marketing, apartment renovations
  • technology-media-telecoms: Enterprise software / SaaS
  • mining-resources-energy: Mining exploration
  • retail-consumer-products: Retail stores (A&A Records; own video rental business for several years)

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