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Stephen has 40+ years in business and 27+ years as a CFO in Markham with professional accountant designations in Canada, US, and UK, including 25+ years helping MNCs, public companies, and startups in manufacturing, auto, real estate, NBFI, hi-tech, fintech, MedTech, green energy, telecom, mobile phone, eCommerce, social enterprise, and other industries. Stephen’s strengths include M&A, SPAC, CPC, IPO, RTO, Corp Finance, ESG, turnaround, growth, and globalization strategy.

Specialist Skills

Strategic Thinker

Strategic & business planning to help Owners to achieve their passion & mission

Exit Planning

Evaluate various means to exit by sale, public listing via IPO, CPC & SPAC RTO

M&A Specialist

Expand, diversify & grow via local & global vertical & horizontal integrations

Profit Improvement

Evaluate, analyze & improve every line on P&L i.e. Revenue, Cost, Expense & Tax

Corporate Finance

Identify needs & area of improvements & take actions from liquidity to valuation

Track Record Highlights

  • Marshaled globalization, M&A & improve valuation 10X in 4 years by local & global expansions, diversifications, vertical & horizontal integrations and improving every line on the financial statements.
  • Led listing on Nasdaq via SPAC in 1 year via pre-list preparation, reorganization, GAAP conversion, reporting, SOX compliance, negotiate share exchange, vie & other agreements, SEC inquiries & filing.
  • Ushered turnover & resumption in 1 year by reorganization, improvement on financial reporting, budgeting & forecast, internal control, cash flow, compliance, corporate governance & external relations.
  • Conducted IPO, RTO & corp finance via corporate restructuring, negotiation, pre-IPO activity, strategic & business plan, investor relation, budgeting, fund raising, corporate governance & compliance.
  • Steered Social impacts, environmental impacts & ESG reporting for corporation, social enterprise & NGO by supporting betterments for environment, social responsibility & humanity in various sectors.
  • Led ERP implementation including SAP, SAP B1 & various software by working with stakeholders, management & IT to identify requirements to ensure goals are met efficiently, effectively & economically.
  • Helped founders, owners & stakeholders to achieve their passion & mission timely via strategic & business planning, organizational structure, MIS, external relations, corporate finance & tax planning.

Sector Experience

  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics - Hi-Tech, Mobile Phone, Li-ion Battery, Solar, Automotive & Fleet Management
  • TMT - Telecom, Fiber Optics, Wireless, Mobile Phone Components & GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Banking & Financial Services - NBFI including Microfinance, Leasing, Mutual Fund Back Office
  • Property & Real Estate - Land Servicing, Developers, Construction, Property Management
  • Mining, Resources & Energy - Mining & Mineral, Green & Renewable Energy
  • Not – For – Profit - Global LED Lighting Standard, World Affordable Housing to improve ESG & Humanity
  • Technology, SAAS, Healthcare

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