Ruth Liebersbach In 60 Seconds...

Ruth has spent the last two decades as a CFO in the construction, manufacturing, logistics, and MUSH sectors. Using this experience has aided her in supporting the growth of many organizations by developing, implementing, and having ongoing management reporting and oversight of financial control systems, governance frameworks, strategic planning, HR, cash flow management, and raising growth capital.

Specialist Skills

Budgeting & Forecasting

Built accurate and pertinent assumptions to back short term and long term forecasting, and pivot plans based on new actual results or board directives.

Cash flow Improvement

Built reporting on a cash basis to smooth out deferred and prepaid’s effect on cash flows, as well as build strong AR collections processes ensuring AP systems do not permit double payments. Work with banks to refinance at lower rates and at minimal refinancing costs.

Financial Operations

Developed and implemented monthly reporting in many aspects of a business such as KPI, dashboarding, variances to budget for operational results, cash flow plans, capital plans, people management, loan and costs of financing.

Policies & Procedures

Ongoing review of SOP and other governance frameworks, built from scratch for many Not for Profits.

Systems and Controls

Supported financial reporting, building systems that ensure the viability and security of company assets and resources, as well as maintaining a risk matrices and ensure insurance and other mitigation systems in place

Track Record Highlights

  • Developed and implemented an expandable budget excel package to incorporate Operation costs, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Capital planning modules
  • Managed an RFP for Insurance programs, developed a yearly risk table by using insurance programs to mitigate risk especially in the construction side of the business
  • Executive in charge of banking, managing RFP to change over to a new commercial bank, working with them over the years to borrow over $40 million for park expansion
  • An integral part of the Senior Management Team to build out a CIM in search for an investor for 1.5 billion dollars in support of park expansion, as well as the lead to source an Investment Banker to act as our partner in this endeavour.
  • Sourced, investigated, and determined a new ERP, accounting system, establishing controls within that system aiding in the tracking of construction projects and collection of rents tracked in the Property Management module.

Sector Experience

  • manufacturing-transport-logistics: Specialized trucking in temperature controlled units, warehousing, pick and pack, Freight forwarding, Mfg of dolomitic lime products for Steel industry
  • property-real-estate: Lease management and property development in a 250 store franchise organization/and in a 1000 employee university research campus
  • banking-financial-services: Built relastionships with corporate banking stakeholders and able to raise funds for continued growth and expansion. Built many 5 year forecasts in support of funding requests
  • not-for-profit: Sat on many boards in this sector as Audit Chair and Chair and developed governance frameworks and controls
  • construction: Part of Senior management team that built out commercial and Wet and Dry labs, using IPD methodologies

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