Richard Halka In 60 Seconds...

Richard is an experienced international CFO focused on driving value through profitable growth, control of costs, and restructuring of the balance sheet to deliver superior financial performance.

A former KPMG Management Consulting and Corporate Finance Partner who moved to the corporate world to apply skills hands-on in growing businesses and improving financial performance.

He has personally led public offerings, restructuring of debt, and acquisitions and divestitures in Canada, the US, and European markets for a combined value in excess of $2 billion.

Specialist Skills

Cash flow Improvement

Identify opportunities for margin improvement & cost reductions

Profit Improvement

Focus on operational efficiencies and overhead control

M&A Specialist

Identify opportunities for synergistic growth

Corporate Finance

Focus on reducing cost of debt and prudent use of equity

Raising Funds

Source and secure debt & equity financing as well as Government assistance

Track Record Highlights

  • Filed USD $100 million base shelf prospectus for this TSX listed clean tech manufacturing company, led listing on US OTC and filing for NASDAQ listing
  • Refinanced US$100 million credit facility reducing carrying costs by over 60%, led financial turnaround from a net loss & negative EBITDA to first substantial profits & strongly positive EBITDA in preparation for US NASDAQ listing for this satellite telecom operator
  • Led US$92 million & CDN $340 million public equity issue, led integration of 4 international acquisitions worth US$350 million, led turnaround by increasing revenue by 37%, increasing EBITDA by 41% resulting in a swing from a net loss of US$23 million to a profit of US$38 million for TSX listed telecom company
  • Led US$300 million capex investment for NYSE-AMEX listed telecom company resulting in 704% increase customers, 875% increase in revenue and a swing from negative positive EBITDA
  • As the Partner in Charge of a full-service Management Consulting and Corporate Finance practice led services including, information technology, strategic services, financial management and mergers and acquisitions. Also responsible for selection and implementation of practice management system and financial management including introduction of systems for financial reporting, budgeting and cash control.
  • Led private placement of equity, debt repurchase program, foreign currency hedging strategy for 150 million Deutsche Mark denominated public debt for US NASDAQ listed company.

Sector Experience

  • Manufacturing, transport & logistics: Clean Technology
  • Technology Media, Telecom, Processing
  • Property / Real-estate: Acquisition, Management & Sale
  • Services: Management Consulting

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