Paul Miller In 60 Seconds...

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 22 years of finance experience. I’ve had a diverse and dynamic career, working in both the public and private sectors, including family-owned businesses as well as start-up companies. Since COVID-19, I have helped many companies create and implement new strategies, forecasts and provided guidance and support throughout each organization.

Specialist Skills


Budgeting & Forecasting

Managing Risk

Systems and Controls

Cash flow Improvement

Track Record Highlights

  • He has provided interim and part-time CFO services for the past 10 years for small start-up companies as well as large, global companies, including one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Sector Experience

  • technology-media-telecoms SaaS Software
  • manufacturing-transport-logistics
  • construction
  • mining-resources-energy Solar energy and Water Conservation
  • property-real-estate

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