Nick Dowd In 60 Seconds...

Nick has over 30 years of experience working with international businesses in North America and Europe. He has hands-on financial management expertise working for public, private equity, and owner-managed companies. Expertise in M&A, profit turnaround, corporate restructuring, and public company reporting. A collaborative leadership style and the ability to implement effective solutions to business issues.

Specialist Skills

M&A Specialist

Led multiple acquisition and divestiture transactions


Business process outsourcing, contract manufacturing and offshoring back-offices

Banking Relationship

Establishing trusted relationships and negotiating improved credit facilities

Profit Improvement

Experienced in identify profit levers, setting targets and tracking performance


Foreign exchange risk management, cash management, bank reporting

Track Record Highlights

  • Executed a profit improvement plan that reduced headcount costs in operations and support services, resulting in a $500k turnaround in monthly profitability in a four-month period.
  • Developed a dynamic product costing system, allowing for monthly updates of costs and detailed reporting of product profitability.
  • Worked on multiple credit facility negotiations, including waivers to covenant breaches, increased facility sizes, reduced borrowing costs and less onerous covenant requirements
  • Achieved reductions in US capital tax appraised values, resulting in annual savings of $100k. Successfully managed Canadian and US government tax audits.
  • Played key roles in over a dozen acquisitions and divestitures ranging in size from $2 million to $400 million, including business valuations, due diligence, contract negotiation and integration.
  • Gained access to multi million dollars in COVID relief programs in Canada and the US. Successfully applied for $250k in funding from a Quebec provincial government employee training program.
  • Built strong finance teams by identifying, mentoring and promoting talented staff and hiring strong independent managers.

Sector Experience

  • manufacturing-transport-logistics: Pharmaceutical dosage form, building products, resin compounding, packaging
  • services: Call centres, debt collection, pharmaceutical dosage development
  • construction: Precast concrete, vinyl windows & doors, brick, metal buildings, drainage

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