Mauro Pambianco In 60 Seconds...

As an accomplished C-suite leader, Mauro brings extensive experience in professional services, including legal, accounting, and marketing communications, as well as real estate, healthcare, and not-for-profits. He has an excellent capacity to quickly assess situations and performance, identify priorities, and align strategies and action plans to drive results. He is a creative and strategic problem solver and negotiator, even when the stakes are high.

Specialist Skills


Translating visions into clear and aligned priorities, strategies, and action plans.

Financial Operations

Profit and cashflow improvement; Measuring and managing contribution (services, clients, resources, etc.); Billing & collecting best-practices; Procurement/payment terms management; KPI’s and management info.

People Manager

Needs assessments, talent strategies and tools to optimize attraction, performance, development, and retention.

M&A Specialist

Strategy and assessment; Negotiation; Due diligence; Integration; Post-transaction admin.

Strategic Thinker

Strategy, negotiation and management of key client, regulator or stakeholder agreements and relationships.

Track Record Highlights

  • Assessed and mapped the financial and operational management reporting and compliance requirements and developed strategies, processes, management information and reporting tools to solidify current results and support the strong growth of a complex healthcare not-for-profit.
  • Played a key leadership role in the planning (pre and post), due diligence (by several parties) and integration activities (operational, financial, systems and people) related to a large multi-stakeholder transaction effecting the change in ownership of the above healthcare not-for-profit.
  • Worked closely with the Managing Partner and Management Committee of a downtown Toronto law firm to develop and execute the firm’s strategic growth and succession plan, leading several related key negotiations, on-boarding and integration of several practices.
  • Helped a marketing communications firm quickly address and stabilize critical cashflow and systems issues, then progress to improve and sustain a strong balance sheet and profitability, and grow at a rate in excess of 25% annually, which included adding divisions/services and expansion in Alberta and the US.
  • Provided a large publicly traded real estate firm with valuation analysis, advise and support related to large assets, development projects and/or investments; Led the development of various costing/valuation models, policies, processes, and other tools to address complex and significant accounting and other requirements.
  • Led the needs assessment, negotiation, design, construction/lease, and moves related to over a dozen major office, production and/or warehousing facilities projects, with a strong track record of delivering efficient, on-brand and cost-effective results.
  • Led the talent needs assessment (qualitative and quantitative), development and implementation of strategies, tools and coaching that helped the people-based businesses I was with (accounting, law, marketing communications and healthcare firms) become experts in talent attraction, engagement and development, all competencies critical to the performance of each of those firms.

Sector Experience

  • Professional Services: Law, Accounting, Marketing Communications
  • Property & Real Estate: Ownership, Development, Construction, Property Management
  • Healthcare: Medical Laboratory, Diagnostic Testing, Professional Associations
  • Not For Profit: Healthcare, Professional Associations, Accreditation, Education

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