John Williams In 60 Seconds...

30-years in business in Vancouver, 11-years as a CFO and 13-years as CEO growing a medium-sized company 4x. President $60m, 12-years later $200m , selling in 30 countries. Grew US $2M to $25M. And grew globally $2M to $45M


A strategic thinker/mindset with financial acumen that ensures the company’s financial health/plan augments/supports the overall corporate strategy and prioritises stakeholders needs.

A strategist who ensures the company’s financial plan supports the corporate strategy and prioritises stakeholders needs.

Strategy is about how to create value. A well articulated strategy – framework for creating decision making eg. where to invest marketing budget. 

1. Trends, beliefs of assumptions. 

2.Where you want to be in 5-years? Top 3 

3. How going to measure?

4. Must win battles? Fewest things to focus on to drive max value. Grid: Price, vs Cost. Ideal customer, reach – What job do we do for our customers. 


Repositioned from low price point brand to premium price point, technology centric brand and expanded sales to 30 companies. 

Senior executive with proven track record of achieving financial results with experience in key business drivers and enablers including strategy, finance, consumer product management, marketing, business development, channel management, distribution and operations. Passionate, curious and consciousness champion who excels under pressure while leading and developing high-performance.

Specialist Skills

Brand Management

Several awards

FX Hedging

Implement FX hedging strategy that improved margins by 10%.

Profitability Analysis

Analysis by product, by channel, by geographic market

Track Record Highlights

  • As president grew company $60m to $200m in 12-years.
  • Developed business plan for European expansion. Scaled Euro business 5x over 3-years.
  • Grew US sales $2M to $25M. And expanded into in 30 countries, growing global sales $2M to $45M.
  • Increased margin and turns 10% on 20,000 SKUs in multiple warehouses, over 3-years.
  • Raised gross margin return-on-inventory by 15-20% over 3-years.
  • Review capital allocation and ensure optimisation of capital. Return on capital results in the top 25 percentile for comparable companies.

Sector Experience

  • Retail Sporting Goods
  • Distribution Acquired/curated canadian distribution rights to 3rd party brands for sales into various retail channels
  • Brand Management Inception to end of life product/brand management for sporting goods sector
  • Property Management Commercials & Industrial
  • Mining Precious metal refinery
  • Staffing Temporary staffing agency for government and commercial sectors
  • Contract Manufacturing

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